Reasonable Boundary?

I'm wondering if this is a reasonable boundary that I asked if my husband tonight?

I gave him a week to find some names of professionals who could help him with his ADHD, possible Aspergers, and his responsibility in those symptoms that affect our marriage. 

I've read many posts and we have the typical problems. I relate to so much that I absolutely know my feelings are normal and our situation is typical. He's a wonderful man who truly loves me. I don't believe he realizes how much his actions or symptoms affect our marriage though. He's been content to let me figure out the issues and tell him what to do. I'm going to have to undo that pattern. I believe he doesn't know what to do but I think he needs outside help and professional help for himself. I'm his wife, I'm not a person who works with ADHD and I have feelings. I told him I'm responsible for my part and I will work on it. He reacted as he usually does (I'm sure it's because of shame issues he's experienced because of ADHD) when I make a request that I think is reasonable and he thinks I'm attacking him. But he did agree. I'm just not sure if I'm asking too much?