Reasonably Affordable Coach?

Can anyone recommend a reasonably affordable coach? My husband is doing a lot of that "trying but not changing" stuff that Melissa talked about recently. I think coaching would help a lot, and my husband agrees - but keeps balking at the price. Phone and email contact would be fine - ideal, actually.

I did some looking and sent him a list of coaches a while back. He did call one, and liked her, but she charges $400 a month. I thought it sounded cheap compared to the emotional stress, but he felt that it would make our budget too tight. I think getting things together would save money in the end. I also don't want to undervalue someone's time - good care does cost money. I sent him info on the online self-coaching thing - I think it's called skoach - and he looked at it, but didn't think it would help enough.

Does anyone have a good suggestion? I'd love to find someone who he'd agree to try. I really do think it's the missing link to a healthy marriage around here. Instead of wasting energy "trying" I'd like to see him get some success and feel good about himself. And remember my birthday and such, of course. :-)

Being a therapist myself, I know only too well how little most therapists "get" the coaching process - it's totally a different thing. Though I do think it's time for that as well - feelings are a little too raw around here. He agrees, and I'm calling someone I know of tomorrow. It'll help, too - but too bad insurance won't help pay for coaching!