Reasonably Affordable Coach?

Can anyone recommend a reasonably affordable coach? My husband is doing a lot of that "trying but not changing" stuff that Melissa talked about recently. I think coaching would help a lot, and my husband agrees - but keeps balking at the price. Phone and email contact would be fine - ideal, actually.

I did some looking and sent him a list of coaches a while back. He did call one, and liked her, but she charges $400 a month. I thought it sounded cheap compared to the emotional stress, but he felt that it would make our budget too tight. I think getting things together would save money in the end. I also don't want to undervalue someone's time - good care does cost money. I sent him info on the online self-coaching thing - I think it's called skoach - and he looked at it, but didn't think it would help enough.

Does anyone have a good suggestion? I'd love to find someone who he'd agree to try. I really do think it's the missing link to a healthy marriage around here. Instead of wasting energy "trying" I'd like to see him get some success and feel good about himself. And remember my birthday and such, of course. :-)

Being a therapist myself, I know only too well how little most therapists "get" the coaching process - it's totally a different thing. Though I do think it's time for that as well - feelings are a little too raw around here. He agrees, and I'm calling someone I know of tomorrow. It'll help, too - but too bad insurance won't help pay for coaching!



My husband had 3 months of phone sessions with a coach in Seattle. It was pretty reasonable, but I think that might have been an introductory offer. They didn't continue after the 3 months for financial reasons and because she thought he needed to be on a different med. Not sure how to get that information to you, as they don't want you putting email addresses on this site. Melissa? Ideas?

I would love to access this

I would love to access this info as well.  My husband sees a therapist and takes meds, but neither the therapist nor the psychiatrist seem to be able to move him along on this crazy journey.  I have felt for a long time that he needs someone with special training in teaching coping strategies and establishing accountability for his actions/non-actions.  Regular garden variety therapists, no matter how good they are, don't get it.  Of course, I can't speak to him about it because he gets angry and defensive and accusatory.


Coaching by phone is something Melissa suggeted to myself and my ADHD hubby. It seems to me that the US has more to offer than Canada. Its difficult to find phycitrists who are educated with adult ADD here. The cost of the coaching along with the long distant charges would be too expensive. I'll ty googling the above and see....

Thank you!!!!! I will suggest

Thank you!!!!!

I will suggest that he google the terms you mentioned.  Great idea. I hope it works, wish me luck.