Rebound Effects from Medication??

I am engaged to a man with ADHD.  I finally got him to see a psychiatrist for medication management about six months ago.  The doctor prescribed him Adderall and has slowly worked him up to the dose she feels is appropriate.  The problem is his insurance won't cover the extended release form in the dose he takes.  Without it, he is one person when he wakes up, another for a few hours after taking his morning meds, another when they wane in the afternoon, another when the second dose kicks in and yet another late in the evening.  He is not good about talking to the doctor about what's going on because he "doesn't see it."  I love this man dearly and he is an absolute joy the two periods of the day where the medication is active enough in his system, but he is angry, childish and defensive the rest of the time, not to mention the mood swings.

Does anyone have any experience with this or any suggestions?  It's really like dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and I feel like I'm going crazy.