Recently diagnosed ADHD and broken marriage.

I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD, and Dr. Orlov's book described my marriage to a T.  My wife is seeking separation because of numerous issues that have not been resolved (that I only now know are related to ADHD).  I feel like we have the chance to make things right again, with a proper understanding of ADHD, but she is unwilling to pursue further counseling, or really do anything at all.  And I get it.  She's got a lot of hurt, and has tried time and again with me, with little change.  I get why she wants out from that.  But it seems like I've just discovered a whole new set of tools to try, that are much better suited to our problems.  

There's been a lot of good in our relationship, it isn't all bad.  I want to see what we can do when we're both at our best.

How do I show her that things can be so much better than they were, when she will barely talk to me?