Recently got Engaged - Am i doing a Mistake!!!

I recently got engaged to my bf, its been all great till now - he is a successful entrepreneur. he makes me laugh a lott! is very kind and sensitive. kids just love him!

he recently told me about his adhd - yes he is hyper full of energy,  is restless quite a lot , says he just wants nothing more than to be inside a calm body just to be calm for a day ........

after I started reading on adhd on this website & others I was filled with so much negativity. And now I am feeling like clueless.

I am from India so this is an arranged marriage as most marriages are in India. We have been together for 2 months now & got engaged as his parents & my parents have been good long time friends. He has been very clear about his symptoms from the start. And told me we should read a few books together like Adhd effects on marriage and dr hallowell's book.

But almost all forum posts here give me an idea that - this is one big mistake!!! and this relationship is doomed! I feel bad for him ............. 

anyone out there who has been through it & still feels that it is worth it! that we can make it happen! 

my bf seems eager to work on himself , but he says he stumbles a lot from time to time , anger outbursts at times , procrastination etc..