Rejection Sensitivity and ADHD


DH is incredibly sensitive to any mood of mine that isn't happy or ... happy. He takes it personally, he feels rejected and works hard to change my mood. Sometimes I come home tired or irritated or sad or a list of other emotions that aren't "good". DH is in sex addiction recovery as well as working on managing his ADHD. He takes his meds, he goes to therapy. He does a great job engaging help, no complaints about him living in denial or unwilling to seek help. But his attitude about both the addiction and the ADHD, have been "I'm getting help, why are you ____ (sad, angry, hurt, exhausted)? He talked about wanting to die when we fight, almost every fight this is brought up after we resolve the argument. He says he's just so sad, he wants to die. 

I've read about rejection sensitivity for people with ADHD. But I feel like a monster when he reacts so strongly to me. Like maybe my emotions are much larger and worse than I realize if his reaction is so large? It has created an unbelievably exhaustion, I will find other things to do instead of going home because it's just hard to be happy all of the time. 

 I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this and what you've done for your own sanity?