Relationship Anxiety and ADD


I was recently dx with inattentive ADD.   They also think I may have the mild bi-polar as well, were still not sure at this time.  My question is this.  It seems my whole life i havn't been hyper on the outside but inside ive been VERY anxious, always doubting in my relationships, going back and forth, having turmoil and NO PEACE inside.  I mean I pray, I do everything I can think of, and when that doesn't work I just leave the relationship to "be alone" thinking I can "fix" the doubts or anxiety on my own.  

Well my first experience on ADD medicine was interesting.  We only had the dosage right for about a week but during that time I felt more ambition, and more peace than ever in my life.  Also an amazing thing happended, no rumination.  I mean no doubts about my current relationship, no back and forth, inner turmoil.  Can these constant doubts be ADD?  Not just that I need to "get out" as I usually conclude.  Any other women with ADD that struggle with this as well?  It's tough to tell sometimes if it is the ADD or I really need 2 get out of the relationship.  Currently, i'm in the "flight" mode, but I also realize i'm not in treatment for my ADD and I should do that first before I just "run."  Also, its so tough for friends to understand this constant back and forth and ADD, they just think its toxic.  

Thanks for this forum and sharing/support.