Relationship Anxiety and ADD


I was recently dx with inattentive ADD.   They also think I may have the mild bi-polar as well, were still not sure at this time.  My question is this.  It seems my whole life i havn't been hyper on the outside but inside ive been VERY anxious, always doubting in my relationships, going back and forth, having turmoil and NO PEACE inside.  I mean I pray, I do everything I can think of, and when that doesn't work I just leave the relationship to "be alone" thinking I can "fix" the doubts or anxiety on my own.  

Well my first experience on ADD medicine was interesting.  We only had the dosage right for about a week but during that time I felt more ambition, and more peace than ever in my life.  Also an amazing thing happended, no rumination.  I mean no doubts about my current relationship, no back and forth, inner turmoil.  Can these constant doubts be ADD?  Not just that I need to "get out" as I usually conclude.  Any other women with ADD that struggle with this as well?  It's tough to tell sometimes if it is the ADD or I really need 2 get out of the relationship.  Currently, i'm in the "flight" mode, but I also realize i'm not in treatment for my ADD and I should do that first before I just "run."  Also, its so tough for friends to understand this constant back and forth and ADD, they just think its toxic.  

Thanks for this forum and sharing/support.


i can really relate to what

i can really relate to what youve experienced so far your not alone!! and yes its great that your aware of these issues, and know that before you make any decisions, you need to seek treatment.. 

Im right in the middle of this also, being separated from my also ADHD husband, he lives in another town but is moving back next week! I would much prefer we have counselling sessions togther first before he officially moves in, but he's adament that he moves in straight away..theres reasons for this as I left him... and he doubts my full commitment to him, as I do his, theres very little trust in our relationship... argh what to do!! we both need some luck with this :) i just wanted to tell you your not the only one who feels this way :)