remembers things I didn't say

My partner was diagnosed almost a year ago and has been trying a variety of ADHD meds, trying to figure out the "right mix". Avoids reading the books we purchased to try to work through and resolve some of our ADHD relationship issues although he did agree to read them initially after diagnosis and felt that they would be helpful.....One of the issues we are having is that after a fight or disagreement , when we try to discuss it (after a half or whole day of cooling off) he has memories of things I never said, and repeats these things back to me in a tone that I would not use. Or he will say "you went on and on about it".. when in fact when I see this pattern emerging I usually clam up to avoid fueling the I have become very selective of my words and aware of tones during altercations and am generally pretty calm during fights while he yells and says  nasty things. When I tell him that he misunderstood what I was saying, or that the way I said such a thing was mis heard, or that I didn't actually say all those things, he says I am lying, I am a hypocrite, that I am sugar coating my words, backtracking, denying it to make myself look perfect, that I have the memory problems, not him. So I am being judged and he is angry with me for things that I never said! Tells me I was being a "B...."  and has formed an opinion or perception of me based on false memories! HAs anyone else encounted this, and is it a typical ADHD symptom?