Replys for Negative Effects of ADD & Depression Medicine

DH took himself off fluoxitine (for depression -has been on this for 4+ years) and dextroamphetine XR (ADD- on for close 18 months+)because he didn't like how they made him feel. A month has past and he made the comment (last night) of he doesn't feel like he is in a fog any longer and feels the best he has in a very long time/normal. That he can focus and concentrate when he needs to at work.  He claims that he feels his ADD is under control without the meds and will not go back to meds ever. 

So my question is this: if the med's made him: irritable, angry, aggressive, isolated but he (in the beginning) said that the dextroamphetine XR helped him to focus at work - was he on the wrong meds or does he not have ADD but maybe Bi-polar? 

Looking for replys, please.

Didn't you google biploar vs.

Didn't you google biploar vs. ADHD recently? Anything that made you feel he was bipolar? I read the descriptions and immediately did not feel bipolar fit my husband at all, but they are very similar. I didn't see the manic episodes at all. He was pretty evenly keeled most of our marriage...but during times of high stress his ADHD just gets completely out of hand. I used to say he didn't deal with stress well at all, now I know..he doesn't deal with stress AT ALL..he emotionally shuts down and becomes a different person. These times don't resemble depression or mania...but "the dark side" of ADHD really resonates.

Anti-depressants (Wellbutrin, Effexor, Zoloft) made my husband DEPRESSIVE, MOODY, ANGRY, IRRITABLE, and he physically felt like absolute crap on all 3 of them. Since he was not depressed, just had undiagnosed ADHD, the meds made his ADHD symptoms worse.

The combination of the meds could have been the problem and not each on individually. Where I would start is to evaulate what YOU saw and what you feel went on with him at each step.

*why did he start meds? Were they necessary to his well-being/happiness?

*what changes did you see after he started the anti-depressant? Good? Bad?

*what changes did you see after he started the ADHD meds? Good Bad?

He really may not need meds as much as just some therapy and coaching. If he's able to stick with it, exercise is supposed to be one of the best forms of natural stimulation to the brain and can probably be a good substitute for stimulant meds...and you won't have to deal with the possible moodiness and aggression you saw with the meds. I wonder if you aren't seeing him finally come out from under the meds and the crash of stopping them cold turkey. Are you worried to see what he's really like without meds? What was he like before meds? I was thinking he managed fairly well for the better part of your marriage, but I could be remembering wrong. ??

ADHD rarely joins a party

ADHD rarely joins a party alone. It is very common for someone with ADHD to have something additional, depression disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorder for example.
If only ADHD is treated but the other diagnose is unknown then the ADHD treatment often is unsuccessful or not as effective as one would have hoped. Some medications also bring out bad attributes in people, your husband should consult his doctor, describe these symptoms and have a chance to try other medications.

Though if he is feeling good now maybe he doesn't feel the need to medicate. Though since he doesn't know what's going on to 100% maybe this is just a manic phase or a hyper phase or some kind of off medication placebo and as soon as it wears off or he's up for a challenge he'll fall pretty hard.

Keep eyes and mind and emotions open :) Both of you :) And I bet you can figure it out. Also a Doctor could be good for some guidance, even if your husband isn't interested in medication right now.