Replys for Negative Effects of ADD & Depression Medicine

DH took himself off fluoxitine (for depression -has been on this for 4+ years) and dextroamphetine XR (ADD- on for close 18 months+)because he didn't like how they made him feel. A month has past and he made the comment (last night) of he doesn't feel like he is in a fog any longer and feels the best he has in a very long time/normal. That he can focus and concentrate when he needs to at work.  He claims that he feels his ADD is under control without the meds and will not go back to meds ever. 

So my question is this: if the med's made him: irritable, angry, aggressive, isolated but he (in the beginning) said that the dextroamphetine XR helped him to focus at work - was he on the wrong meds or does he not have ADD but maybe Bi-polar? 

Looking for replys, please.