Resistance to making decisions

My husband and I live apart; he lives with and takes care of his aging parents.  He almost never calls me or responds to emails.  (E.g., in the past 10 weeks, he has called 2 times, I think.)

After our older daughter said she wouldn't be able to come home for Christmas, I said that I'd try to get some family members out to visit her in December.  Other daughter originally was interested but then decided she didn't have sufficient time, with school obligations.  I mentioned to my husband a few weeks ago that a trip was a possibility. 

So, I had called him Wednesday night to say what my tentative travel dates were.  (I had decided to wait to proceed with planning until after my second mammogram; all clear on that; hurray!)  He said, "You probably would have a better time if I didn't come along."  I didn't respond.  Later, he said something like the following:  "I'm depressed and I'd probably just drag [daughter] down."  I didn't respond.  He said he would ask a sibling whether she could cover for him.  I said we should talk the next evening.  He said he might call.  He didn't, so I called him.  Sibling can cover for him but has one conflict.  I said I'd look at other dates for the trip.    I called him back the next evening.  I told him the dates I was considering.   He was still not willing to decide.  "Oh, it would be really nice to see daughter and to be in a warm place, but...."  I said he should think about it.  He said he'd call me in the morning.  He didn't.  In the early afternoon, I called him.  He was still hedging.  I said I wanted to buy tickets and he said he'd call in the evening.  He didn't.

This morning, I bought my tickets.  I emailed him my itinerary but I don't plan to call him back.  I'm frustrated by my husband's difficulty with making decisions; even worse is him not calling me.  

Does anyone else encounter behavior like this?