Responses to Inappropriate behavior

H said last night, leaning in conspiracy, to my granddaughters ages 6 and 10, "Look, Gramma has black boobies..hehehe".

That bothers me on so many levels!  I had on a black bra under a white shirt. I didn't need to be pointed at and laughed at.  How do I ignore or respond?  If the tables were turned would I say to them (or to 2 grandsons being role reversal) "Look, Grampa has a black dickie (or package, or ding dong), hehehe"?  Of course not.  How do I let the girls know how to respond to a man or boy pointing out and laughing at (teasing) their private parts. I don't know how to respond but think I needed to say SOMETHING. I want to be a role model of women having a voice and respect.

I needed words to respond but I was speechless and silently resentful (there is that word again).  How to respond to a spouse's inappropriate, impulsive behavior with kids/grandkids? He also likes to take the 10 year old daughter into the woods. Just the 2 of them without the 6 year old.  The 10 year old is not afraid of him and asks to go to the woods with Grampa but it feels weird to me to see this every time accustomizing her to walk off with him like that.  Sometimes a person doesn't know if they themselves are being prudish or need to take action....and what action?  Since my words to H only serve to start a fight about my sanity, speaking to him is pointless.