Risky Driving by husband

I am at a loss to get my husband to drive more carefully.  Many times I think that he is truly on "auto-pilot" and

doesn't realize that he is driving recklessly.  He generally doesn't signal and switches lanes on the highway

very frequently.  He always seems to want to "get ahead" of everyone else, even when we are not in a 

hurry.  He passes on a two lane road, many times to get ahead of more than one car.  He occasionally makes

what I consider a dangerous left hand turn (and I am on the passenger side), so I am frightened that either

he will cause an accident, get me killed or someone else, or get himself killed in the process.  I have threatened

to drive without him, but don't want to do that since we have always traveled together to most occasions. I love

my husband, but when I complain, he thinks that I am being too critical of his driving. I am at my wits end and don't

know what to do.  Any suggestions?  Please help.  p.s.  I have diagnosed inattentive

ADD and take medication.  He has undiagnosed hyperactive ADD without medication.  


HM, Potomac MD