Ritalin and divorce

My husband started taking Ritalin about 1 year ago.  In the beginning I noticed some changes in attention and he said it was really helping focus at work.  Only problem our marriage seemed to deteriorate.  He is not the same person. I can't explain when it began.  He started traveling more, becoming more distant. He was offered a job in FL we live in CA and was in the process of offer and acceptance.  It was a HUGE decision we have 2 boys 3 and 5 the 5 year old was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2. Anyway we had a fight and he was SO aggressive and mean I figured he had started it on purpose.  The next day he acted like everything was fine kissed me goodbye came home started talking about the job offer then brought up the fight.  Started screaming in my face and walked out.  I thought he was going to cool off but I got an e-mail at 10:45 saying we were separated and he was no longer interested and further efforts in restoring our marriage.  I was shocked.  I tried to call his phone was off I sent him an email never heard back so I called the next day.  He said he saw the e-mail and was like so who cares.  He filed for divorce that Wed. and moved the rest of his stuff into storage.  He now lives in a hotel in FL with no plans to come home and see the kids. 

I also found out he is telling people I was hitting him while he was laying in bed and that I was controlling him keeping him away from his friends and family and that he did everything for me. I was SHOCKED!  None of this is true.  He has been doing really strange things like taking my video camera from the house without telling me then returning it with all the videos deleted, purposefully not giving me enough money for me and the kids, taking the kids bikes and leaving them at his parents - the list goes on.

I can't figure any of this out.  Can this be the Ritalin or is this really him?  Who leaves their wife and kids and moves 3,000 miles away.  He has not once shown an ounce of remorse or sadness.  When I see him he is chipper and acts like everything is normal. I do not know this man.  The ADHD was bad but this is worse!


My marriage will never be repaired I know that but it would help to get some answers my head is spinning.  Can anyone help?