On a roll now! Symptoms totally in check!!!!

Had a job interview this morning for a job that would be perfect for me.  Only part time - but it will definitely lead to many more things if I get it.

The most encouraging thing about THIS interview though, as opposed to past interviews I've had is that i did NOT get off track and talk too much and go off on an unrelated, out of control tangent.  I did NOT interrupt anyone, I did NOT fidget and I was 5 minutes early.

So, even if I don't actually get the job, I count this as a victory!

....however, after the interview my meds began to wear off and I was so excited about the thought of getting this job that I started dreaming up plans about what I would do at this place and got on the wrong train.  *sigh*

small steps.  smaaall steps!


That's Great!

It is amazing how much easier interviews are when your brain is not spinning at 15K RPM :-) Post Adderall, for me, I feel that one of the most noticeable differences in in reaction time.



I hope you get the job!

Don't feel bad about getting on the wrong train. My husband was an hour late to work this morning because I couldn't find my purse which had his only set of car keys in it. So we all do dumb things, ADD or not.