Routines ---

Note to self:  make the 'to do list' the night BEFORE the day comes.

I say this as a start to a routine sched.  I'm finding it exremeley hard to know what and where I should 'start' my very busy (or at least it should be) day.  I just keep looking around and coming back to the screen.  

Focus and Breathe. ... Calm and Steady.  Relax and Go.

I'm finding that I might be/am overwhelming myself with my eternal 'need' for answers, explaination.  I need to pace myself.  And be kind to myself.  It's me and 'IT' is going to be with me.  Now and Then.  Instead of me going along for the ride..I need to be behind the wheel. least think I am. do list nigh before.

Any other suggestions?  What works?  I've never done this so:  remember...what may have not worked for you..might work for me and vice versa.  I'm a novice player and nothing will be 'wrong'.