How do you handle ADHD partners RSD moments. My partner has very severe RSD reactions to very minor things which would not effect someone without RSD. They get very emotional, angry, mean and although the majority of the time I haven't done anything I end up having to apologise. 

The episodes are getting more frequent. And I find it very difficult to cope with. They wouldn't speak to anyone else in the manner they speak to me. It's like RSD means they can behave how they like and it's ok because it's an RSD outburst. 

onr minute they can be telling me how much they love me and the next they are triggered and won't speak.It's causing me a lot of hurt and upset. I understand it's RSD. But it comes out of nowhere. I try hard not to trigger them. But sometimes I just think maybe I am not the right person for them. 

They can be lovely, caring and supportive and struggle with ADHD big time. But the RSD occasions are hard to handle and are very emotionally draining. 

Any tips on dealing with an ADHD partners outbursts would be most appreciated.