RSD misdiagnosed as Bi-polar

I’ve been on this site a lot lately because my ADHD and the lack of understanding and control of the symptoms has driven my wife to wanting a divorce yet again. I don’t blame her for how she feels and to be honest if I were in her shoes I would want out as well. She has endured a lot and is simply worn out by me. My hope and prayer is that if I can get a sold grip on my ADHD and a miracle from God that my marriage will be spared. 

I have been digging deep and working on a well rounded plan to address all of the symptoms, habits, lifestyle, etc. I found a good psychologist, adjusting my diet, learning to use meditation and mindfulness, getting better sleep, stopped watching tv, reading a lot to better understand what I am dealing with, etc. 

A few days ago I was poking around some of the other area on the site and found a section that Melissa had posted about RSD ( Rejection Sensitive Dysphasia ) and I nearly fell of my chair. The more I read the more that some of my issues and problems made sense. I was reading about myself and what felt like my life story.

I am one of the minority that have known about my ADHD since I was ten years old, forty five years ago. Unfortunately my father didn’t want me to take Ritalin because it supposedly stunts your growth. (Thanks doc for telling him that) So I went unmediated for most of my life. Thanks only to my wife I finally went to a psychiatrist ten years ago and was diagnosed as bipolar 2 and ADHD (which I already knew) as a result I was prescribed Adderall for the ADHD and Lamictal for the bipolar. 

I have never felt I was bipolar, I never felt overly manic. I have a couple friends that are bipolar and when they get manic it’s very apparent, they are bouncing off the walls. So I spoke with my current psychiatrist about it on the phone and he seems to think that I am correct and wants to meet and explore this further. If what I think to be going on with me is true it will be a game changer for me. I’m not foolish enough to think it’s the magic bullet that will fix all my problems but it will be one big piece of the puzzle. So with some luck I am one step closer to being a better and happier person.