Rules and Quirks by ADD Spouse

Does anyone else deal with their spouse and their odd "requests"?  Example: my ADD husband will insist that we not open the large garage door and use the side door instead.  If one of us chooses to open the large garage door - he is instantly mad! For real!  Not this is not all of the time but once the topic comes up it may last for a day or two or more and then it disappears.  He insists on cleaning the toilet bowl with the old brush and liquid squirt bottle cleaner - never mind that I am the one that cleans the bathrooms - he will go in and "clean" the toilets after I have with his brush and cleaner - he insists that my disposable toilet cleaner heads are a waste and not to be used.  He will do this with other things as well.  He is obsessed with lights - he has bought so many lights ( little stick on lights, night lights for the hallways, a light for the basement, and is always looking for more little lights) and we already had night lights  through out the house - doesn't make any sense.   Or he will go rummaging through our cupboards and pull out whatever he finds and then leaves it lying on top of the counter - why????? And having to have 3 pairs of socks selected to wear and leaving them lying about - you will only wear one pair of socks that day so why have out 3 pairs and they are all the same color!? Leaving all of his things out on the vanity in the bathroom - shaving gear, deordorant, toothbrush, ect - others use this bathroom after him, does he not realize that he can put he stuff away and make room for the next person?