Running out of patience

I'm not sure how much more I can take.  I'm really not handling things well because my patience is worn so thin.  This morning my husband had a job interview and because he had misplaced several things he needed to take with him, and because he only allowed a half hour to eat breakfast and get dressed and organized, he barely made it to his appointment on time.  He is almost always late and he is always loosing things.  This started my day on a bad note because I was trying to get ready for work and had to stop everything and help him get out the door.  Like having a child!

But just after I was getting over the morning situation he calls me and tells me he is headed home from his interview and I reminded him that we had agreed on him stopping and running an errand while he was in the area.  This was an important errand, one that had to be done either today or tomorrow.  Because it was about a 30 minute drive from our home it made no sense that he would not do it while he was just minutes away at his job interview.  But he argued with me about not needing to get it done until tomorrow so why do it today????  REALLY????? He has actually scolded me for driving 10 minutes to go shopping instead of car pooling with him later in the day when he had to go to the same town.  Yet he is driving right by the place and wanted to put it off until tomorrow and waste gas on a 60 mile round trip.  This is his MO, he always waits till the very last minute to do everything.  It has caused lots of problems for us and we have missed out on things and been penalized because of it.  I have tried to help keep him organized and explain the benefits of not putting things off but he usually just argues that it doesn't have to be done ahead of time and makes it clear he will not do something until it absolutely has to be done.  Honestly I really don't care until it starts to affect me, then it's really not fair of him to procrastinate and hurt me.  I'm quite sure I'm not the only one dealing with this problem...would love to know how others handle it.  I feel like the mommy and he is my 12 year old child I have to supervise all the time!  UGH!