Running out of time!

It was not until my husband sought therapy for what we thought was depression, that he was officially diagnosed at 38 with ADHD.  He was unhappy in the marriage due to lack of intimacy and he filed for divorce. It has almost been a year and I have delayed the court proceedings as long as I possibly can.  But I am running out of time.  I had no idea how much the ADHD had affected our relationship. I managed the house, scheduled the bills, made sure he remembered his appointments.  Sad part is, he became my child and not my spouse.  So our chemistry and intimacy became strained.  He went of medication for both depression and the ADHD but did not like the side effects. He stopped going to counseling since he thought the therapist and I were ganging up on him. He is hanging out with younger coworkers and he is obsessed with porn on the computer.  I am so scared he is making such a life altering decision with a cloudy head. He claims to have no more love for me. I found a psychologist and made an appointment, hoping that the 2 of us can go. I am afraid to bring it up to my husband, for fear he is going to accuse me of trying to gang up. I am not expecting a miracle but I have hope that a session with a therapist who does not know us at all, may open his mind just a little.  Any advice on how to invite him to the appointment without upsetting him?