Rx monitoring form

My husband has been on MANY adhd meds.  None of them worked well and I'm also not convinced he took them daily for any length of time .  The medicines that worked the best kept him from sleeping at night even when dose was altered and he took them in the morning.  Some meds just made him very angry and short tempered which was horrible.  I'm trying to convince him that medicine can help and is not the enemy but he is frustrated from trying.  We definitely need a more methodical approach to tackling the correct medicine match.  I don't go to the doctor with him.  I think he gives up on some meds too easily especially when he is not sleeping instead of asking for a sleep aid rx (I know it's one more pill to take).  I'm not sure how to help him without adding it to my list of "nags".  

 I'm reading that it's to use a medication monitoring form so you can track if the rx is working long term.  It is suggested that both the adhd and non-adhd partner fill out the form.  Has anyone used a rx form successfully?  Any links or references would be wonderful.