a sad anniversary

Next week, it will be 10 years since my then-husband was fired from what had been only his second long-term (defined as lasting more than 2 years) job of his life.  The job loss and resulting financial difficulties were very stressful, especially because he was fired from his other long-term job about 12 years earlier and then was unemployed, by choice, for about 6 years. Initially after the firing in 2009, ex-h tried to deal with things.  He signed up for unemployment benefits, received free education benefits because of being classified as a "displaced worker," resumed therapy, and even did an intensive outpatient therapy program.  But he never applied for new jobs, despite asserting to the state (as a condition of receiving unemployment benefits) that he was doing so, and he eventually decided to become his parents' full-time caregiver.  Becoming the caregiver was the nail in the coffin of our marriage.  It wouldn't have had to have been, but the caregiving situation exacerbated two types of behavior that harmed our relationship:  he almost never communicated with me and he engaged in dishonest and illegal financial activities with his father. 

I am extremely grateful to have this forum. People here understand.