SAM-e and Neurofeedback

I've been reading "Healing ADD" by Daniel Amen and my ADHD husband and I found through answering the questionnaire in the book, that he has the strong signs of having Limbic ADD.  This type has elements of depression in it, and suits my H to a T.

Among Dr. Amen's suggestions for treatment are the supplements SAM-e, and neurofeedback.  I haven't found a lot of helpful studies on the efficacy of these and wondered if any of you have experience with either one?

Right now he's being treated with Adderall, Lexapro and Wellbutrin.  He is not having much improvement with these.  Although he goes to ADHD counseling, he lacks the motivation to follow through with a lot of the counselor's suggestions.  I am hoping one or the other of these new ideas could help with that?