I called him even though we are not together, and because I care for him, and still do love him, but have loads of doubt of making up back with him, I tried to explain to him he needs to get treated for his ADHD,he won't listen!,he won't go to a therapist or take medications to help him function.I noticed alot of symptoms even over the phone that I would like to point out.

1)he never listens

2)his voice gets louder and louder like he thinks i am deaf.

3)he is always right never wrong.

4)he gets defensive.

Now I know that we are having so much problems lately, and with our separation things are very in the strain for us, but he is the same person I decided to leave for the same reasons and I keep on forgetting that don't matter how much I try he is focused on only car and money lately not even himself to try and get some help to make him a better man.