Scumbag Universe

Let me preface this post by saying that I don't believe in anything supernatural. I have no religion, and I am not in any way (even vaguely) spiritual. I'm being facetious.

So this morning we set out early and drove almost an hour away to an apple orchard. One of those "you-pick" agri-tourism outfits where you pay for a basket and you let the kids tear through their orchard having fun picking apples. We do these kinds of things mainly because my wife was at one time a professional photographer, and it is a good backdrop for fall pictures of the kids.

So we are headed out there and I'm listening to the radio in the car. Most of the time audio in the car is a Disney singalong CD or my wife's country station, but every so often I can get away with listening to something else. For whatever reason I'm in a mode of thought where this sends a message but first from the radio comes:

And immediately after that:

Eh? Maybe I'm being emo and trying to find messages everywhere. Right after the second song: commercials. First commercial? A law firm that specializes in amicable divorce.

Thanks universe, thanks.


Love the one you're with? Yeah.. there are a few great reasons to make sure that happens: