Seeing the financial big picture

I'm wondering if anyone has advice on helping a (suspected) ADHD spouse pay attention to/understand the financial "big picture" in a relationship. For most of our 2 1/2-year marriage, I have been the sole breadwinner, bill payer, and overall tracker of our finances. I have struggled to get my husband to show any interest in how much money we have each month vs. how much we spend. This has been an issue because he does a lot of the shopping for groceries and other necessities since he's home a lot more than me, but I feel like he has little concept of whether what he's spending is in line with what we can truly afford. I use to keep track of our spending, bank accounts, and credit cards, and find it to be a very easy way to quickly see what our daily cash flow looks like. I've tried to get him to use it too, or at least look at it, but he seems to find it overwhelming and confusing. I've tried creating a monthly spreadsheet to track our spending vs. income but he would not use it consistently and it quickly fizzled out. Finally, I started giving him a weekly cash "allowance" rather than letting him have free use of the debit/credit cards. This has helped, but the fact remains that he only focuses on that chunk of cash he gets every week and has little understanding of how we consistently end up spending more than we earn each month when our bills and other expenses are factored in. I'm acutely aware of this net loss and feel guilty if I spend almost any money on myself, but he considers part of his weekly allowance to be spending cash to use on little extras (books and magazines, eBay purchases, alcohol) that I generally deprive myself of because I know, for example, that we need to set aside X amount to pay the next month's credit card bill. I don't know how many fights we've had about this, or how many times I've tried to calmly explain why it's important to me. It just doesn't seem to stick. Am I expecting too much? I don't mind being the financial manager in the relationship because in general I think I'm good at it, but without him on board to a greater extent I feel like there's only so much I can do to keep us on an even footing. Thanks.