Seeking advise please help!

My partner is adhd without any medication we've been in a relationship for 7 months and he comes over to stay for a few night every week, when we first got together his hyperfocus was on me and as it went on his hyperfocus went away and I researched adhd and taught myself that the condition he has is why I'm no longer the hyperfocus and I've accepted it (I've research deeply into ADHD to try and avoid relationship issues) but can someone please help me because when he's over he's on the Xbox or play station for ages and I'm just sitting there not doing anything and feel a little over looked :/. 

I have major depression and might be type two bipolar I suffered a major relapse 3 months ago and have been struggling through, I have no social life apart from when I go to work and when my partner comes over that's the only other person I have contact with apart from family, personal issues make me rather careful (money) but I still make effort to cook a good meal (steak for a treat, and it isn't cheap) when he's over but he has never offered the same back. When he's over I'm always the one getting him food/drink because he can't be bothered to go downstairs and get it when he knows he's at home here, tonight I just got back up from having a bath didn't even get to the top of the stairs and he says food please........ I told him he knows where the kitchen is but he wouldn't so of course I got him food while he plays on the Xbox. I have no issue with him playing it for a while but he knows I'm very lonely and suffer with severe anxiety/depression and just a little of his full attention would be nice and not feeling like a spare part. I'm not asking him to buy me everything but when he tells me he'll waste £40 of a bouncy castle but no offer of buying a meal for us or helping me just an offer or doing something for me would be nice I feel like it's all one sided and don't know how to address the issues with him. Even though I struggle with funds if he needs something I'll offer it if I can but I never get anything back Is this adhd symptoms? Please someone give me advice.