Seeking attention???

What should I do when my ADHD exBF continues to harass me with emails full of veiled threats? The cops won’t do anything. One of my dogs had to be put down on Friday, and I am heartbroken. I put everything I had into the care of this 14 year old puppy who has had hip dysphasia for the last year and a half. I had a baby monitor and I watched him all night long and did everything I could to save him and make sure he was comfortable. 

When I posted in Facebook about his death, my angry ex just HAD to say something very hurtful and make it all about HIM and his victimhood, and my “selfishness” instead of the life of this precious dog.

I blocked him long ago.  I got a restraining order, but he hid from the cops so they were never able to serve him... we broke up FOUR years ago, but the cyberstalking just keeps on coming.