Selective focus - very interesting

My DH has been unemployed for most of our marriage (going on 23 years). He has been "house dad" for the last three years, does most of the meals, cleans up the kitchen, and takes the garbage out. He is supposed to be cleaning out the storages and the bottom half of the house of his stuff, but that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. 

Currently, he is running for city council. He is well known in our little town because he literally has never met someone he can't talk to (many of you can relate to that!). He has been busy with this for months; spends hours every day going to coffee dates, planning meetings, talking to all his fellow council buddies, etc. It is literally a full-time job, albeit unpaid. 

Today he just got home from a two hour coffee date with a buddy. He's super excited about all of this and how his campaign is going. 

He has never, EVER, been this focused on supporting his family. It's hard for me to get excited about this, yet I know he wants my support. 

I just think it's interesting that he's definitely focused; just depends on what you ask him to focus ON.