I want to leave. I cannot.  My ADHD husband of 22 years controls every facet of my life:  HE convinced me to become a stay-at-home mom to our 3 kids...  will not let me get a job.  I am now not marketable- my RN license has expired .  Secondly, he moved us after 15 years in the midwest outside a major city and family and friends , to the Northwest where there is no family, and is completely on the opposite coast where my family is.  My kids and I miss our relatives and support... He keeps my money tight, only giving me minimum every 2 weeks, then yells at me every 2 weeks if I need more - that I am spending too much - calls everything "his" - even his kids belongings, AND says the same to them !!!  I AM STUCK.  I cannot leave because I have NOTHING... I don't know what to do.  He controls my life, even though his ADHD life is out of control... and he cant keep anything consistent except his career... Pathetic for a 45 yr old woman .  What am I teaching my kids, especially my daughter ?  He says I will destroy them if I ever leave him... How do I hang on for 11 more years until my youngest leaves home... and them how will I be able to leave him then ?  I see no hope for this marriage or my future. I ave been told to get counseling - We have tried that. Obviously didn't work.