Hi all

been reading on here for awhile. I had an adhd boyfriend before and he ended up being abusive so I left him. My current boyfriend also has ADHD. We live together and have been together for over a year. 

im starting to notice a selfishness that I can't shake. For example, I was diagnosed with COVID today. (Boyfriend is completely asymptomatic) It's been so severe for me I can't get out of bed. I woke myself up screaming because the pain was so bad. Boyfriend told me not to even get tested, that I'm always sick because I'm out of shape (I'm very healthy and a normal weight).

Once I did get tested, I mentioned my mom invited me to stay with her so she can look after me. He immediately started saying "why would you tell her you wanted to go without considering me? Can't I look after you?" And I explained that I didn't tell her we're coming I just expressed interest in going. I said that I understand he's more comfortable at home but I go spend time with his family every time he wants to and I'd appreciate if he returned the favor. That just made him more upset. He said I need to consider how he feels too. 

am I wrong for just feeling like screaming "THIS ISNT ABOUT YOU?" I literally have COVID and just want to spend some time getting better. I don't even know how to deal with this right now