Separation tips? Restraining order for talking/whining/blaming/political ranting? I'm fed up & exhausted.

Hi everyone.

I haven't been posting much since my initial start with this online forum, nor even been reading much.

I can't stand him. (Him being my ADD husband.) We have made zero progress. I am so fed up. Exhausted.

I just want him to be quiet!!!!!

Actually I'd really like a separation... a long one. But like most women I want him to change during the separation. It's so sad because I feel like our unhappy coexistence could be improved and there are solutions. But he is in a panic about our financial crisis- has been for several months- as the bank is closing his checking acct and he doesn't have the funds to pay his bills. He runs around in a panic- blaming me- trying to find solutions and being difficult to live with. We cannot communicated for even 5 minutes together. We cannot sit down and discuss things together on the couch. And yet, he isn't making progress and how long will it take to pay off $75,000+ debt? We can't even work together as a team.

Every single interaction with him is horrible... except for most (not all) of our conversations about the cute things our twin 2-year-olds do.

Just because I haven't been posting online... doesn't mean all is rosy. Just the opposite.

Anyone know how to get a separation started? Been there? Tips?

Can I just get a restraining order because he won't shut up?

I've got to nap. I need the escape.