Set Them Free

Set them free to be themselves?  If it means being separated from someone you love, so be it?

Easy for me to say, as my partnership with a person with ADHD ended years ago, and my hope for a deeper friendship with someone (else) with ADHD who I met less than two years ago seems less important over the time I have received no acknowledgement or affirmation. (Less than one week--do I still hold out hope or am I still a fool in middle age).


I think if you want to find

I think if you want to find lasting love, empathy and compassion, you may have to break out of your pattern of being attracted to or attraction from ADHD individuals. While you can certainly find love with an ADHD partner, just know that it has to share in just as many days of hyperactivity, indecisiveness, distraction, and/or unconsciousness about the relationship.

For instance, my ADD DH surprised me with gifts this year (he gave them right after our disagreements, which sort of defeats happy surprise, it's more guilt inducing followed by "now remember to be nice to me"). Yet it has been two days since he promised to pick up the ankle brace and meds I so badly needed. All this time he has been focused on getting my bookshelves down from the attic (not a priority) and so I go without the meds. I know he cares, but it's only according to what he thinks is priority.