Several barriers to communication: ADHD, CAPD, language

Hi,  my husband and I have been married 27 years.  We have been in marriage counseling 5 times in those years with no real improvements.  He was finally diagnosed with ADD a few years ago but also shows signs of language issues and Central Auditory Processing Disorder.  Communication and conversation are very difficult and I have gotten to the point where unless we are talking about something he is interested or involved in, I avoid a lot of conversation with him.  There is a lot of misunderstanding, misinterpreting, forgetting, repeating, arguing and frustration.  I find it is much easier not to talk much.  This has both of us feeling very lonely and unfulfilled.  I honestly can't see that this would ever change because he truly does not seem to be able to notice when it is happening and is so convinced it is not him.  I really thought I was crazy until I started seeing him have the same types of arguments with our kids as they got older and then I realized it wasn't me. 

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