Sex,ADD and communication.

My husband is a very "highly sexual person"he has to have sex at least 3 to 5 times a day,sometimes I am very up there in the sex mood as well, I have no problem with my sex drive, but, he tends to want to do this tooooo often and sometimes the only break I would get is if we had a big fight and I am home "by my house".I have noticed also that the only time we could communicate better is after sex, and that makes me wonder why??? the only time he listens to me and would hear me out is right after sex.He would agree with "everything"I have to say concerning his ADHD the getting treated to his anger issues,EVERYTHING, and he would be so sweet and supportive(right after sex).Maybe it is a release/relief at the time and all things bad seem good at that time ,,,I really don't know????

anyone else has experienced this type of behavior, please share.