Shaking My Head...

Has this happened during a conversation with your ADHD spouse or significant other?

They go on and on about "High Functioning" people, whether it be at work or outside of work?  My BF was telling me about how he likes to go outside on lunch or break at work, to chat with the  people who are out there smoking ( pot, mostly ), whether he is smoking or not.  Apparently all of the employees that are "high functioning" smoke pot daily, then return to work.  Hey says they need to smoke it, and this is where my SMH comes in, along with an eye roll.. (In my previous posts, I spoke about him having problems with substance abuse, and him in his own words "smoking too much pot".  He quit smoking it again three days ago. )  I find this annoying, mostly because of the way he says it, like the rest of the population has low IQ's and aren't very bright. Or, that people with high IQ's are better.

I would rather be as I am...a highly observant empath, who is able to pick up on subtle cues from others, and tune in to what they are thinking/feeling. I am compassionate of others.  I would rather not rely on using drugs of any kind, legal or not to "deal" with my life.  From my experience with depression and anxiety, all pills and drugs do are mask the symptoms.  If I don't get to the root cause of my issues and deal with them, that issue will rear its ugly head at a later time, because I haven't dealt with it.