Sharing positive stories about living with ADD

This weekend was crazy busy and as usual my ADD partner was completely oblivious to the fact that so much was going on and so much needed to be done. The reason for this is because he's distracted most days by all of the thoughts and 'stuff' floating around in his head/world. 

He's usually so distracted and 'busy' that he doesn't usually make time for me or for family functions (not happily, anyway) ;p

This weekend, though, my partner put his busy schedule and mind aside--- which is VERY hard for him to do--- and attended my nieces baptism and after party. He was a joy to be around and my little nephew who we haven't seen in months (10 month old) completely adored my ADD partner and brought lots of smiles to my partners usually serious face! The little boy actually had my partner down on the floor in his dress pants crawling and playing around! It was such a joy to see!!!

I'm very happy that my partner took time away from his projects and busy mind to enjoy a few hours with us.

I felt very grateful and totally in love with him in those moments!!!

He also saw that I was frantically cleaning the home on Saturday, more so than our usual "white board" chores, and decided to load the dish washer twice, and clean the kitchen counter tops, and also the bathroom downstairs (even though I had already done it-lol)!!! I was so happy and pleasantly shocked by this!!!

We also decorated the Christmas tree this weekend--- he enthusiastically participated, even though he's not at all interested in stuff like that! (because he could be doing something much more meaningful and productive with his time, of course) ;)

He really brought me glimpses of hope and joy this weekend. I know in my heart that a lot of the things he did this weekend we're for me... to make me happy and to ease my load a little. And that to me means the world!! :))