Is she going to return? I ended the relationship

Hi all,


the information is so good here I wanted to post a question and would really like to hear your point of view.

my gf has undiagnosed ADHD, I only became aware when a good common friend of us who has diagnosed ADHD told me that in his view my gf (or my ex) had ADHD herself as she shows a lot of the signs, he told me this AFTER I ended the relationship, after I got educated on ADHD it all made sense, so I agree with him, i strongly believe she was ADHD just she is so unaware of it.

Anyway, I broke up with her 2 months ago because I couldn't take her lies anymore, especially when she lied about her being in touch with her ex behind my back. Our relationship was a roller coaster and it was really tough,I saw myself changing and walking on shells to avoid issues with her... I was basically loosing myself, I took the blame she assigned to me (in her eyes, i was the guilty one of all the problems in our relationship). So i ended it....  she is not accountable, she does not take the responsibility, and she projects a hell of a lot.... ...

the issue is , now that I know she has ADHD, I think i can deal with it better and given that I miss her so much, I would like to give another shot to the relationship, of course part of me wants to walk away, but part of me wants to try to make it work with all the knowledge that I have now, although she has not managed to have a relationship longer than 2 years with anybody and she is close to being 50 yrs old.

The problem is that she seems to be very interested in entering another relationship now, she started to contact an ex of hers (another ex) who is in a relationship and they have started an affair (she is the third one in the affair behind the back of the current gf). She started this shortly after i broke up with her and she seems to just want to get this woman no matter what, this woman seems to be just playing with her as she is VERY protective of her current relationship.

She was so angry with me she didnt want to talk at all. I dont know how to approach her, I dont even know if she will ever be back! she seems to be hyperfocus on this ex of hers (btw, this ex of hers had another affair about 3 years ago, and this person never left the relationship she was on to establish a new one witih the girl who became my gf)

So, do you think she is gone for good?