She (non-add) Read the Book. . . .doesn't matter, and she doesn't care

My wife took a vacation away from me with the kids to see her family.  I secretly stowed the book in her luggage with a nice love'ish letter.  She "skimmed" the book and found "a lot" that she related to and understood.   But it's all for naught.  She's absolutely stuck in anger mode and told me last night that she wants a separation (read: with all that she's planned for, divorce; but she has to wait a year to get that).  I tried talking to her and pleading with her, but literally, every statement I made was instantly morphed into a putdown or threat in her eyes.  Even when I spoke specifically about myself, she took that my actually talking about her when she "read between the lines."  I'm absolutely sick with grief for the life she's going to inflict upon our children. . . .who are 4 and not even 2.   

ANY advice would be GREATLY appreciated!