she said i need time ?

New here, after a minor argument I became defensive and left her apartment. my girlfriend of three years would not return my texts pr phone calls. Finally she texted me back and said she needs more time. We both have ADHD. I tried to make amends during phone message by taking responsibility for my actions. I'm going crazy trying to figure out what she means by this. I know none of you are in her head but maybe someone has been there. Any help would be appreciated. it has been about 12 days now. Fyi I'm 42 and she is 40....

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Sounds like she's had it,

Sounds like she's had it, whatever 'it' may be. :(

I guess what I would do is:


leave her alone and let go.


figure out what it is she's 'had enough of' and start working on that for a while. (that could be anything from anger management, to ADHD therapy, getting a coach, whatever she said the "issues" were) Let her know you're working on it and if she'd like to talk about it, you would like to too. Make sure you're sincerely working on the issue because if you're not ready to sincerely work on it, it may just be best to let her go.

That would be my best advice to you with the minimal details given. :)

Hope that helps!