She totaled the minivan.

My wife called while I was dropping our daughter off at school yesterday.  She said she got into an accident.  Her explanation was that she tried to stop a a stop sign but her foot slipped.  Our 15-year-old ADHD son was with her.  His version is that she did stop at the sign but then went through the intersection without seeing the other car, with him yelling at her to stop.  After she hit the other guy, she got out and left it in gear.  The van went up  on the sidewalk and hit a stop sign before she could stop it.

She t-boned a smaller car.  The front of the minivan was smashed up with visible cracks in one of the fluid tanks.  The driver side was all scratched up and she could not get the driver's door to open again.  The fire department had to come and cut the driver's door off of the car she hit.

I have frequently been scared by my wife's driving and how her ADHD symptoms manifest in driving.  She frequently stops watching the road to look at me while she is talking.  I have recently had to yell at her after she started up after a stop sign and did not notice oncoming vehicles.  One time, we were going to a movie and she missed a left turn.  Without thinking, she impulsively did a U-turn on a busy street with traffic islands.  (Keep in mind that she has sometimes been hypercritical of my driving.)

And, of course, she has yet to discuss ADHD symptoms with her psychiatrists.  ("She didn't ask about those things!  I only answered her questions!") She sees the psychiatrist for anger issues.  Her next appointment is in August.

I stayed home the rest of the day.  First, I took them to the ER to get checked out.  Our son argued that he did not want to go.  They said she had whiplash and gave her a prescription.  I went to fill it while she rested.  Our daughter's school called and i had to pick her up and take her to the doctor.  Then we cleaned out the car and I dealt with the paperwork with the police.  Finally, I had to take her to get a rental car.

The process of cleaning out the van brought up to other memories for me.  First, it was the first thing we purchased with my inheritance from my parents.  Second, it reminded me of the time when another car was repossessed--we had declared bankruptcy, and the bank pounced on the opportunity to repossess it when she missed one payment.  I had been away on business, and she melted down and demanded I come home immediately.

There is one bright side to this.  The van was registered in my name, which meant that I got blamed for her parking tickets.  One time, she repeatedly promised she would pay a ticket.  Then I got a notice that my license was suspended for failure to pay the ticket.  Another time, I only found out about a ticket when I found a letter threatening to suspend my license while I was cleaning through the huge pile of clutter on the dining room table.  (I paid it online ASAP!)  Assuming that the replacement van is registered in her name, I won't get blamed for parking her tickets and my license will be safe.