Should I kick him out of my life for good ???

In a nutshell, ADHD Boyfriend and I had a whirlwind/hyperfocused romance for 1 mth, and are in a long-distance relationship for 6-7 mths. We work for the same company ; he works offshore. We live in different countries, so when he gets his month off from work, he goes back to the US. He doesn't call, till he gets back.

I've told him once how that makes me worried. But his reply was his mum used to be just as pissed, but she got used to it. He's started to open up to me a little recently, said he was tired of ADHD upsetting his life, and how he fantasized of a normal life. By the way, he's had the 3 divorces, 2 teenagers and drug and alcohol abuse problems.

If he's willing, I'm willing to work with him. I try to understand him. But he was supposed to be at work offshore this month. He wasn't. My regional office mentioned that he has some backache problems. I've tried e-mailing him at work & his private e-mail, to no avail.He's switched his mobile. Out of desperation,I've snail-mailed him a letter to US. I don't know if he has received it.

I'm tired of waiting. I don't know ; DO ADHDers forget someone completely for 1 mth and counting,if they are doing something ? Or he's just being an ass and I'm blind to it ? What should I do ? I really like him. But this is just crazy .....