Should I make the decision?

My husband and I are currently separated, he's had an affair with another woman, and we have been unable to properly approach the ADD in our marriage. Currently he's living with his brother in another state while he sorts through his feeling for this other woman and whether or not he wants to try again at our relationship.

I've asked him to stop all communication with the other woman while he is gone in order to make a decision on him and I not based on and what her expectations are for their relationship. She has already gone forward with a divorce with her husband and is now in full on I love him mode and expressing it online very liberally. 

He is responding in his own way towards her by "liking" the love songs she has put up for him.

I feel very torn. He has to make his own decision about what he is doing with her and I, but I feel completely disposable to him. Should I go ahead and make the decision of the course of our relationship or should I just continue to suffer through all of this?