Should I stay or should I go?

I had a miscarriage on mother's day this year. I'm 34 and I never thought I wanted to be a mother so badly after it. I am with an adhd man, known him for 10 years and we've been together for almost 8. Now, after the miscarriage I've been wanting to see that same desired to want a child in him, but whenever I asked he would only answer "whenever you want we can start to get it on". But I was never like "I want one to with you", he is waiting for my comand and it makes me feel uncomfortable knowing this. Last night we had a talk again about haveing kids. He finally said that he doesn't want to bring a child into this world to suffer. That if we do have one than okay and if we don't okay also... 

I'm emotionally exhausted with him. I can admit that he has gotten a bit better but I can't wait 10 years for him to be "functional" in the relationship. I don't have friends and no one to talk to about this. I just feel so lonely and gave up hope in life. I've told him this many times but he just says oh sorry or something like that and it stays the same.

He's a nice guy but I regret so many things in this relationship.