Shoutout to those who put in the work, love to the spouse who suffer when they don't.

I know that the very brave adhd folks who come to the anger forum sometimes get exposed to the raw side of our nonadhd pain.  You are brave for doing that, but it shows hope that there are some of you who take the time to actually care.  To those of you who work on your adhd related issues... THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.  It's a long road but you have guts and honesty to do it. Your spouses are very fortunate indeed.


to those spouses who, like me, love their adhd spouse but are left holding the bag... I love you all and you are not alone.  I am working hard to rebuild my life and leave the anger and hurt behind me.  I know you guys are in various places in this journey from just taking the first steps, to jumping off this road for better ground.  You have all helped me so much through my own journey, helped me see my own issues and find my own strengths. 


Just wanted to say THANKYOU since appreciation and care is so rarely felt by most of us. <3