Showing appropriate emotions

Another question for all of you. Do those of you with ADHD spouses/ boy/girl/friends notice a difficulty in their ability to express the proper emotion with the correlating words/actions? and do they understand what they are doing with this? My ADHD husband does not show many emotions that I "normally" display with ease, but since he won't discuss it with me, I don't know what to think. Anyway, when your significant other says they "love and appreciate you", is it said with the correlating facial expressions or bodily gestures that typically go with it? My DH has ALWAYS had trouble expressing "love" emotions. Doesn't say, "I love you", "no hugs", "no kisses", and often times, would pull away when I would go to hug and kiss him. We've all talked about the "touching" aspects, and how they recoil from certain touches. But what about the facial and verbal tone of voice expressions of love, sadness, joy, tenderness, playfulness (without being silly), etc? I'd appreciate any input on this.