Shut Down

First, let me say, I am committed to my marriage and do not want to break up my family.  But ADD is making my life hell.  I have almost completely shut down towards my husband and just can't seem to help it.  He is trying and honestly has no idea how negatively his ADD affects me.  Or maybe he has head knowledge but it doesn't register enough for him to make any changes.  I know that my reactions to his ADD are just as bad as his inability to pay attention to me.  I am just at my wits end and so tired of being unhappy.  I have talked, cried, explained till I have nothing left.  He hears me in the moment, says I am the most important thing, wants our marriage to improve...blah, blah, blah...then goes right back to spending the majority of his time with his face buried in his laptop for hours at a time.  I am lucky that he is very capable of holding a job and owns his own business. He has always been a good provider and I have been able to stay at home since we had children.  But the economy has severely impacted our income and he is home more often than not now.  It is slowly driving me crazy!!!  Today, I did 5 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, 2 bathrooms and swept and vacuumed the floors.  He sat on the couch playing on his laptop all he does most days.  He says he is "working".  In reality, 80% of the time he is arguing with people on political blogs or posting stupid stuff on Facebook.  Did I mention I am going crazy?!!  I guess I am just venting.  I just have really hit my limit.  We have been to counseling in the past and it helped somewhat.  I no longer hold everything in and am more verbal about my needs, etc.  He is more willing to listen and talk things through.  There have just still been no significant changes... from either of os.  We are stuck in this crazt dysfunctional cycle.  I want off this train!