Side effects

I was curious, for those of you who have significant others that are taking medication, is that a double edged sword?  The only time I have ever known my SO without meds was during pregnancy.  I gotta tell you, that was the best times between us, but hard on her for work.  It was hard for her to concentrate.   However, she was happy, fun, and easygoing.  Then, after she was done breastfeeding, she started again with the meds.  At first it was just on days when there was a big project, and now its every day.  Now she seems like she is emotionless.  Constantly working.  This is great for us financially, but its become a dull, loveless relationship.

I guess my question to you all is this:  Has this been your experience?  As you might imagine, this is a touchy subject.  One where she gets very defensive.