*sigh* - looks like take off is sputtering and loosing altitude a little

My H - who went off and started doing some amazing things for 2 weeks, has started loosing steam I believe.  Like other times - this seems to be starting his loss of motivation etc.  I hope I am wrong, but I doubt it.


Last thursday he "took it easy" and didnt do his big projects because he knew Friday was going to be a long tiring day with 6 hours on the road, and a big task.  So  - no problem, I get that he didnt want to start anything big and then leave it over the weekend.  So he said he was going to do the big stuff on the weekend since the temps were going to be alot more comfortable. 


Weekend comes and goes - he spent most of each day outside on FB, watching videos and smoking.  No projects got done.  Regular stuff (to the minumum) got done. He also didnt work out at all over the weekend (which I do m-f, and my weekends are free days) so no big deal - but for me, when I miss a day in the week, I do it on saturday.  He has made no such commitment etc - but I just hoped he would not write it off and actually DO it again.


Today he did do a workout - but only did 1/2 the program he had been doing.  Normally I go get him a glass of ice water, but he did his workout early, and I was in a meeting.  My meeting ended right after he quit, so I didnt get him any water today.  We will see what he does as far as projects, but its looking like the rocket is sputtering again.  I guess the lure and fun of a new gadget is just too much.


Its his story - and he can do what he wants to improve himself, but I wont lie thta I am starting to feel disappointed that he isnt stepping back up like he was.  I am also disappointed in myself that again, I wanted to buy into it and actually got hopeful that something had really clicked.  Honestly, I am just hoping that this is a hard start for him, and that he will do better this afternoon, and do his full workout tomorrow.  HE KNOWS HE CAN DO IT - so he just gave up today.  I hate watching him give up.  Thats what it boils down to.