Silent Desperation

Silent Desperation

Tortured soul. Why do I suffer for the hell someone else put you through?

I don't deserve this. No one gave me a choice. I didn't know.

My wings clipped before I even could fly.

Pillows drenched in tears. No hope in view.

I survived my pain and my past ready to bless the world with my smile

Instead I inherit your demons and I refuse to let it drag me down and drown me.

Never knowing who I will meet when I look in your eyes, is it sadness, negativity, depression, or the green monster?

Perhaps I will meet over-confidence today or abrasiveness. 

I have lay down my head everyday alone in the dark. Always alone.

Lonely...for years.

But I must recall that little girl who so bravely met her dark world with her head held high and came out shining.

The world needs her! I need her. Perhaps I can find my wings again even though the only place I can fly is within my cage...the cage I chose for myself.

However, I choose to fly.

If your tortured soul won't free itself, it will not find me as its company. I will not be its victim.

I will not be your mirror.